P-Touch E800T : Windows PC Base, Desktop, USB I/F, Tube & Label Printing Engin, 6-36mm Tapes – (24 Volt Adapter Included) Optional:Battery Base & Lithium Ion Battery


Brother is the first company to introduce industrial tube printers with integrated twin engines. This innovation allows electricians to switch between the tube and label print modes without the need to remove or reinsert consumables before printing. Compatible with durable TZe tapes, the toughest laminated labels in the market, the PT-E800T Tube and Label Printer accepts labels of up to 36mm in width, supporting a wider range of labelling applications. Ensure the legibility of your text with the benefit of additional printable height, the PT-E800T further maximises printing options with the ability to print up to 32mm on 36mm labels, and up to 6mm on tubes.

With the PT-E800T Tube and Label Printer, electricians can replace selected components themselves, eliminating the need to rely on a distant service centre for replacement. Tube cutters, cleaners and conveyance rollers can be replaced on-site in a few easy steps. The PT-E800T Tube and Label Printer includes a free, automatic 3-year carry-in warranty against manufacturer defects.