• Non-conductive nylon body and aluminium shackle • Minimum weight for padlock is only 40g • Key retaining system • Maximum Operation Temperature 120°C • Colour coding allows for easy identification of Lockout teams during maintenance programmes • Small shackle diameter ideal for lockout ready equipment with  5 mm holes • Optional Laser Engraving on Front, Back & Sides

Compact Safety Padlocks Aluminium Shackle 50mm Pack of 6

Brady Compact Safety Padlocks are a lightweight range of padlocks suitable for energy isolation programs. They compliment the Brady Safety Padlock and have the same features. Unique cylinder is insulated to protect workers from shocks when key is inserted and is 5-pin precision-machined for more unique key cuts and better tamper resistance. Reserved, paracentric keyway provides optimal security and the special design prohibits the key from being released until the padlock shackle is closed. Locks are compact and lightweight and resist impact, temperature, chemicals and corrosion. Their non-conductive, non-sparking body features a ribbed design for easier gripping and handling. 1 key supplied with each lock. Key retaining (Key won’t release until the padlock shackle is securely closed). Custom keying and charting is available.

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