Brother TZe SE4 Security Tape – Black on White – 18mm

The genuine Brother TZe-SE4 black on white security labelling tape has been expertly developed to give you a little more piece of mind, by helping you protect yourself from theft and tampering.

Ideal for creating electrical safety test labels, this laminated tape will ensure that your label can’t be removed from one location and added to another. Once the tamper-proof TZe-SE4 security tape is peeled, the label leaves a checkerboard pattern, destroying the print, to stop the label being reapplied.

Maybe you need to protect confidential information that is stored in boxes and files. The TZe-SE4 will alert you if the tape has been interfered with, so you’ll know if secure information has been compromised.

TZe tape cassettes are quick and easy to install, which ensures your P-touch machine can effortlessly meet all your labelling needs. By choosing the Brother TZe-SE4 labelling tape, you’ll ensure that your machine continues to work at its best, providing you with results that are clear, legible and designed to last.

This replacement black on white TZe-SE4 labelling tape has been rigorously tested by Brother to be as durable and dependable as possible.

TZe tape cassettes are quick and easy to install, and come in various label widths, colours and materials – ensuring your P-touch machine meets all your labelling needs.

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