BBP37 Multicolour & Cut Sign & Label Printer – QWERTY EU with BWS SFIDS

Get everything you need to create compliant arc flash labels with this BBP37 Printer and Brady Workstation Safety and Facility ID Software Suite: Arc Flash Kit.

  • Create colorful and versatile workplace visuals with the BBP37 Sign and Label Printer, which features an XY cutter, automatic setup, and 20-second material change out
  • Easily create custom signs, labels and pipemarkers with Safety and Facility ID Software Suite (included) to keep your facility safe and compliant
  • Create arc flash warning labels in one pass with this pre-printed B-595 material that conforms and adheres to rough, textured and harsh environment surfaces
  • Raised panel B-593 labels are designed for patch panel identification, external push-buttons, switches and internal connection points
  • Tough, smear-proof ribbon produces long-lasting printed text that can withstand years in industrial areas and outdoor conditions