Workplaces claim more than 2.3 million deaths per year, including 350,000 fatal accidents and close to 2 million life ending work-related diseases. In addition, 313 million accidents happen on the job every year, 268 million of those resulting in at least 3 days absence from work. ILO estimates the cost of work accidents & professional diseases indemnities and absences to 4% of the world GDP. Workplace accidents not only impact companies but also people’s lives and the overall health of the available workforce.

Throughout the world, companies are starting to meet the workplace safety challenge with intensive ‘Go for Zero’-strategies, expressing their unwavering ambition to reduce workplace accidents. Brady, a worldwide manufacturer and supplier of Safety Solutions, supports ‘Go for Zero’-strategies with a broad range of quality products, including on-site printable safety signage, custom signs, pipe markers, spill control and Lockout/Tagout.