The benefits of pipe marking

The purpose of pipe marking is to ensure quick recognition of pipe contents, flow direction and their associated risks. Pipe marking is most successful when used in combination with proper work methods, instructions and accident prevention measures and training. These can teach the right response after recognizing pipe contents in case of a leak for example. Well identified pipes offer a number of benefits.

They can:

  • Save lives – Unmarked pipes and valves can endanger employees, contractors and first responders
  • Cut costs – Well identified pipes can help to avoid costly errors
  • Increase productivity – Pipe markers immediately inform employees when and where to intervene
  • Increase efficiency – Pipe markers increase the efficiency of maintenance teams and external contractors
  • Increase compliance – Colour coded pipe markers increase pipe content recognition speed and compliance with SANS, ISO 20560, national, or company standards

Print your own pipe markers

Safety printers enable you to print durable pipe markers, safety signs and even safe work procedures on-site and on demand. On-site identification printing capabilities eliminate the need to store various pipe markers for future use. With a few consumables, you can print any pipe marker you need, when you need it. Brady offers specialized thermal transfer and inkjet printers to create mono-, multi and full colour pipe markers and safety signs in various sizes with durable materials for both in- and outdoor use.