inkanto AWR1 Wax 110mm X 360m Ink In 25mm Core #rt6 #AWR1ribbons #COVID19 #RT6

AWR1 Wax Ribbons

AWR1 is a standard wax ribbon for flat-head printers. It is the most competitive wax ribbon in the Inkanto range and offers good printing quality and receptor multi-compatibility.

The very high sensitivity of the ink allows printing with low levels of energy with less stress on the print-head. AWR1 ribbons are therefore the ideal solution for applications that are particularly sensitive to the quality versus price ratio.

  • Compatible with most blank and pre-printed labels
  • The low energy required to transfer the ink helps to protect the print-head

​Suitable for standard labelling applications such as:

  • ​Storage
  • Shipping
  • ​Tags
  • Crates
  • Bagged products
  • Distribution labels
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