Warehouses and logistics companies can considerably increase forklift picking efficiency with RFID labels.



Increase forklift picking efficiency Internal logistics control is still often based on pen and paper and print-outs from WMS and ERP. These time-consuming procedures cost a lot of money, have numerous disadvantages, and entail inefficient operations, such as the incorrect placing of products and random driving around of forklifts. So how to get rid of these, while staying in control of ongoing operations?



Custom RFID labels and integrated forklift scanners RFID can help locate forklifts quickly. Location detection can take place in real-time and continuously, or at crucial places such as zone changes, or when items are scanned, picked up, and dropped off. The data generated enable pick-up and drop-off location control, efficient route calculation, and route registration.

On top of that, forklifts can also be equipped with detection equipment to read RFID packaging labels on your warehouse pallets, boxes, or containers. Brady can supply its L-2588-26B UHF packaging RFID label with a modifiable read range of up to 10 meters. They can be programmed on-site with an RFID print-and-program printer, which also enables adding a barcode or serial number on the label. Fixed RFID scanners can be set up to detect the entire inventory, and these data can be sent automatically to an asset management software linked to the company’s ERP system. This equipment enables automatic scanning and registration of the articles or load carriers carried along such as pallets, boxes, and containers. Manual scans, and the resulting frequent forklift stops, are avoided, and drivers can fully focus on driving. RFID forklift track & trace solutions enable an accurate and up-to-date overview of internal logistic movements through automatic location and load control. Through the registration of routes, you are able to organise your rides as efficiently as possible.

Smart forklifts

Smart forklifts support flawless and efficient order picking and considerably reduce the number of inventories. The technologies used are RFID location detection, automatic load control, wireless communication, and control of the drivers through a panel PC with a touch screen. These technologies can considerably increase the efficiency and effectiveness of any large warehouse with forklifts.