BMP21-LAB Portable Label Printer. The BMP®21-LAB Printer can take on a variety of labeling project in laboratory environments, from vials and tubes to general identification. #labelprinters #medicallaborattory #COVID19 #essentialproducts

BMP®21-LAB Printer

The BMP®21-LAB Printer can take on a variety of labeling project in laboratory environments, from vials and tubes to general identification

  • Handheld label printer creates multi-line labels for clear identification of laboratory equipment including slides, tubes, beakers, bottles and more
  • Built-in label templates with mathematical symbols save you time and makes labeling easy and efficient
  • On-board keyboard contains letters A to Z and numbers 0 to 9, and backlit LCD graphics display for easier labeling even in low-lit areas
  • Prints in 6 different text sizes ranging from 6 point to 40 point in a single color

When it comes to in-the-lab labeling, illegible or smeared writing is not an
option. With the powerful and affordable BMP®21-LAB printer on hand, you
can rely on crisp, long-lasting identification. Once you experience the built-in
symbols, durable labels and vial/tube auto-sizing capabilities of the
BMP21-LAB printer, you’ll never use a pen again.

Labels Tested for Labs

  • Labels and inks built to withstand harsh lab environments, including autoclaves, freezers, liquid nitrogen, and isopropyl alcohol and methyl ethyl ketone chemicals
  • Unlike handwritten identification, printed labels reduce errors with easy-to-read text that fits more information in a small space
  • Labels engineered for the lab means you never lose your data due to a failed label
  • Technical Data Sheets (TDS) available with the specific properties and test results of each material, available at BradyID.com/techdata

Convenient Printer Features

  • Vial label shortcut key automatically cuts labels to fit to vial and tube sizes
  • Greek symbols and time and date stamps for enhanced sample tracking
  • Built-in serialization and bar code symbologies provide more information in a smaller footprint
  • Drop-lock-and-print cartridges for quick printing with no setup required
  • Easy to use and easy to train others to use
  • Variety of power options (use AA batteries, rechargeable battery or AC power supply — all sold separately)

Easy to Own and Maintain

  • Label supplies and printer available through top lab distributors
  • Low price point allows each technician or lab station to have a printer
  • Technical support for the life of the product
  • Two-year warranty to ensure it remains in top working condition

Brady Labelling Range

BMP21-LAB Portable Label Printer


The BMP21-LAB Portable Label Printer is an all-in-one labeller for research, academic and clinical labs.

With label materials designed specifically for harsh environments, the BMP21-LAB printer can quickly and easily create legible labels for flat, curved or highly textured surfaces that stay stuck for years even when exposed to extreme temperatures and chemicals.

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